EV`s are firmly in our daily lives - almost all leading companies produce them in series, increasing from year to year both production volumes and the number of models charged from an external electric source. This direction is constantly saturated with new innovative developments, which indicates its investment attractiveness. The facts speak for themselves: if 5-7 years ago the proposal was limited to two or three models, today there are already a few dozen. Electrification covered the segments of compact urban cars, SUVs, premium sports cars, trucks and buses.
In many countries, special programs and incentive measures have been adopted that provide support to customers of electric cars, including financial subsidies and various preferences (free parking, the ability to move along dedicated lanes for public transport, the abolition of transport tax and other fees). It is important to note that Russian cities are actively involved in this trend, as the task of minimizing emissions of harmful substances and noise, the main source of which is a motor vehicle with a traditional internal combustion engine, is becoming increasingly obvious. Every second, hundreds of thousands of exhaust pipes uncontrollably leave behind a "carbon footprint", concentrating on the surface of the earth, where we are directly with you.
Fortunately, today effective tools are available to improve the environmental situation in our country, one of which is electric transport with zero emissions. Its distribution is inextricably linked with the need to build high-quality infrastructure in settlements and along the routes connecting them. EV-Time offers a full range of charging stations of all types for electric vehicles:
  • for home usage
  • for corporate parks
  • for public places
  • for places of high EV-concentration
The complex of our services includes installation, commissioning, training, connection to the control system, billing, issue and programming of access cards, as well as warranty service of equipment.

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