One of the activities of LLC "AEG" is the developing and producing of equipment for the automotive industry.

As part of the import-substitution program, as well as within the framework of the Russian program for the development of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, our company has set up the assembly and production of charging stations for electric vehicles in St. Petersburg.
EV-Time charging stations are designed taking into account international experience in the field of charging infrastructure, as well as taking into account the specifics of equipment operation in the RF. The stations comply with all requirements of the IEC61851 standard (IEC 61851), as well as with the norms and standards of the Russian Federation and the European Union in the field of electrical safety, are certified and have all the necessary documentation.
Our solutions are universal and suitable for charging electric vehicles from both European and Japanese manufacturers. Today we can offer charging stations:


  • for home use
  • for corporate parks
  • for public places
  • for places of high EV-concentration


We are focused on an integrated approach, which includes both the production of charging stations, and installation, commissioning, training, connection to the control system, billing, programming of charging cards, warranty service, etc.

Why you should buy a charging station for an electric car from us:

  • The optimal combination of price / quality;
  • Large selection of stations: different types, power, mounting methods, etc .;
  • All stations are universal and suitable for charging any electric vehicle;
  • The possibility of combining CS in a single network using its own software;
  • The ability to create a complex of several CS on the basis of one central (base) station and several additional to it, thereby saving money;
  • All documentation in Russian and in English;
  • Special conditions for the installation of a turnkey charging station: design, coordination, survey work, installation and commissioning.

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