The heart of the charging infrastructure is the cloud service, which is specially developed by our company for drivers of electric vehicles, as well as for managing and maintaining your business.

We offer our customers a set of simple tools and advanced capabilities related to the charge of electric vehicles around the clock and without any intervention.


  • Electronic wallet - electric vehicle drivers can be charged using an RFID card, credit card or using a mobile application.
  • Personal account - personal account management for both business needs and personal use. A personal account can be linked to one or several drivers.
  • Integrated navigation - the navigation assistant will help you decide on the choice of charging station, charge standard, tariffs, as well as get to the goal.
  • Tariff plans - flexible functionality will help determine the necessary tariff plan for the business, as well as for its goals and lifestyle.
  • Alerts and notifications - personalization of alerts and notifications by mail, SMS or mobile application, depending on the wishes of the driver.
  • Monitoring, statistics, reporting - comprehensive statistics on the use of charging cards and charging stations. The ability to upload data for your corporate information system.


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