Зарядные станции для многоквартирных домов

Apartment houses are one of the best places for the location of the, as the most common time for charging EV is evening and night hours. This means that the infrastructure of charging stations, located on the parking lots of houses, will always be in demand.

The installation of the CS brings residential real estate closer to the standards of the sea level, and is also one of the ways to support the idea of preserving the ecology of the environment.
It's no secret that innovation is a powerful marketing tool for attracting new customers. The owners of electric vehicles are mostly young people - active, mobile, solvent. Providing infrastructure for EV should be a top priority for owners seeking to create the most modern and innovative residential complex.


 Why install a charging station in apartment houses?

  • Why install a charging station in apartment houses?
  • Additional income item
  • Increase the market value of the estate
  • Valuable EV charge service for residents and guests of the house
  • Improving the quality of life
  • Formation of a positive image of an estate
  • Informational occasion for the media
  • Unique marketing opportunities


EVTime company offers - Corporate charging station or Public charging station.

Our company provides turnkey services - the production of charging stations, the coordination of installation, installation work, service. You can view the full list of services and equipment produced in the sections "Charging stations" and "Services".

The whole world will know about you!
Charging station and information about its location is reflected in the world maps of charging infrastructure. Drivers from all over the world will be able to see this information.

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