Зарядные станции для отелей и гостиниц

The number of electric vehicles (EV) is increasing worldwide every year. More and more people use EV as the main mode of transport and increasingly travel on it.

Foreign guests traveling to Russia by EV always take into account the existence of a charging station in the hotel.

Today, it is quite difficult for a foreign guests of Russia to find a place to charge their EVs and the existence of CS in the territory of your hotel complex can be a determining factor when such people making a decision. This is an opportunity to provide a unique service for a growing number of EV drivers. By providing overnight accommodation to your guests, you will be able to provide a charge for their EV while they are resting.

Having placed CS, you will put your company on the map of the developing market of electric vehicles.


Advantages of installing a charging station:

  • Advantages of installing a charging station:
  • Additional income item
  • The hotel is becoming more attractive for EM drivers and eco-tourists
  • Formation of a positive image
  • Informational occasion for the media
  • Unique marketing opportunities


EVTime company offers - Corporate charging station or Public charging station.

Our company provides turnkey services - the production of charging stations, the coordination of installation, installation work, service. You can view the full list of services and equipment produced in the sections "Charging stations" and "Services".

The whole world will know about you!
Charging station and information about its location is reflected in the world maps of charging infrastructure. Drivers from all over the world will be able to see this information.

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