The public EV-Time charging station is specially designed for public places.

Its body is made of stainless steel and has a coating that is resistant to damaging external influences and graffiti.



For whom:

buyers, clients and employees of commercial companies and government organizations

Installation location:

corporate parks, business and shopping centers, shops, hotels - indoor / street. Road infrastructure.

Type of charge, current:

standard AC charge

Connection type:

Type 2  connector

Number of slots:  2  

Type of installation:


Power :

11 - 22 kW


16А / 32А

Number of phases:

1 phase / 3 phase

Body Material:

316 stainless steel, anti-graffiti, shockproof and fireproof

Standard colors:

Dark gray, custom design possible.

Temperature Range from

 -20⁰С to +60⁰С



Protection class

IP 54

Charge Status Indicator

LED ring


1250 x 350 x 225 mm

Compatibility with the OCPP protocol Yes    (versions 1.2, 1.5 and 1.6)

Electricity meter


RFID reader


GPS / GPRS controller with SIM card



* The final cost of the Home Charging Station may vary depending on the configuration option and a number of other selected p

Benefits of use:

  • Safety charging

The EVTime charging station provides complete control over the entire charge process and avoids emergency situations. The station is connected by a separate cable, which excludes the possibility of its overheating, as is the case when charging from a 220V household socket, on the line of which several consumers can be connected simultaneously (for example, electric car + household appliances).

  • Reduces time of charging

The EVTime charging station allows you to charge an electric vehicle with a current of 16A or 32A (3.7-22kW), which significantly affects the speed of the charge, reducing it. In contrast to the charge using a standard (emergency) cable of an electric vehicle, which usually has an amperage limit of 8A - 14A.

  • The choice of mounting method

EVTime stations have different types of fastening, including both floor and wall brackets. When choosing a station, our experts will select the best option for you to install it. Read more about the mounts here.

  • Individual design

Charging stations are made of fire-resistant and impact-resistant material - polycarbonate. You can choose the case of any of the 6 standard colors or order an individual RAL color. Each station has areas for placing decorative stickers and can be decorated in your individual style..

  • Charge tracking

Charging stations are equipped with an LED indicator, in the form of an LED ring that surrounds the socket (connector) and displays the status of the charging process of an electric vehicle.

  • Integration of stations into a single network

The ability to create a complex of several charging stations on the basis of one central station and several additional to it, thereby saving money.

  • Electricity metering in the context of each electric vehicle

The charging station is equipped with an electricity meter and with the help of special software you can get data on the charge in the context of each electric vehicle, which is important for the company's accounting.

  • User account

Charging stations can be connected to special software that allows you to maintain full control of electricity consumption in the context of each EV from the user's Personal Account, receive charge statistics, manage payments and much more.

Our experts will select the charging station for your company, taking into account the possibilities of the electrical network, the characteristics of the electric vehicle and your personal wishes.


Telephone:  +7(812) 640 40 60 



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