Electromobile360 °: The Moscow Region authorities are planning to announce a competition for the development of a charging station management system.

In particular, such software is presented in the product of the St. Petersburg manufacturer of charging stations, the company "AEG" (brand EV-Time), on the eve of expanding its presence in the metropolitan region, where it presented modern solutions for commercial electric vehicles.


TV channel "St. Petersburg": A week of procurement and government contracts started at the Center for Import Substitution.

The attention of visitors to the event was attracted by the exposition of universal charging stations for electric vehicles of the St. Petersburg company "AEG" (brand "EV-Time").


SPbGBU "Center for Energy Saving": "European Mobility Week" in St. Petersburg

Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg Igor Albin: "Now we are developing the charging infrastructure, the appearance of the electric vehicle-taxi is a good sign."


TV channel "TKT-TV": St. Petersburg joined the festival of energy saving # TogetherYarche

Modern electric vehicles, as well as charging stations produced by AuditEnergo Group LLC, showed residents and visitors of the city.


Internet edition "Infoactor": Russia of the future. Innovative development of charging stations for electric cars

It is the manufacturers of electric car stations that should be the first to provide comfort for potential drivers of ecological transport.


IA Dialog: How is the production of charging stations for electric vehicles in St. Petersburg developing?

In St. Petersburg, there is the only production of charging stations for electric vehicles in the North-West of Russia, created by LLC AuditEnergo Group (OOO AEG).


Information and analytical network publication "PROVED": Will the electric car reach Russia?

The first company, which has already begun production of charging stations for electric cars, was the St. Petersburg AuditEnergo Group LLC (AEG LLC).


Channel "Russia": In the northern capital will be more gas stations for electric cars

Until the end of this year, such stations will appear at six addresses. At the same time charge your car will be free.


IA "Free Island": Press tour in the production of the assembly of gas stations for electric vehicles in St. Petersburg

On August 3, 2016, a press tour for journalists to produce innovative charging equipment for electric vehicles was held in St. Petersburg.


SPb GBU "Center for Development and Support for Entrepreneurship": The number of electric vehicles in St. Petersburg will increase

On August 3, 2016, a press tour was held on the topic of import substitution for the St. Petersburg production of assembling charging stations for electric vehicles.


IA "LIFE. Petersburg": Gas stations for electric vehicles

AuditEnergo Group LLC (AEG LLC) was the first company in St. Petersburg to offer a range of services for the production, installation and further maintenance of charging stations.


Newspaper "Petersburg Diary": St. Petersburg Small Business has established the production of charging stations for electric cars

This station is designed for both home use and corporate parks, as well as public places.


TV channel "St. Petersburg": The St. Petersburg company for the production of charge for electric cars want to bring to the European level

Domestic production stations of AuditEnergo Group LLC (AEG LLC) almost entirely consist of Russian components, which has a positive effect on their price.




TV channel "St. Petersburg": The exhibition "Car World" opened in St. Petersburg

From the electric car to the rare "Ural". The developers presented the latest innovations and told when "smart" gas stations will appear in St. Petersburg.


TV channel "St. Petersburg": Ecology and silence. What is the future of electric cars in St. Petersburg

"The simplest charging station of the EV-Time line costs 60-80 thousand rubles. Plus installation. Perhaps designing, obtaining power."




Channel 1 (ORT): Review of the important events of the week

Lenenergo is planning an extensive program of installing charging stations throughout the city: about 30 fast-charging and slow-charging stations are planned for 2016.


The government of St. Petersburg supports the project to create a network of electric stations.

The exhibition featured modern models of bicycles, segways, electric cars and charging stations for them, installed by Lenenergo, SPbES and AuditEnergo Group LLC.


Petersburgers were taught not to pollute the atmosphere with exhausts

Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg Igor Albin: "We are ready to discuss a set of preferences for electric cars, because this is our future."


World Car Free Day

Saint Petersburg, Russia. World Car Free Day. Exhibition of environmentally friendly vehicles at the arch of the General Staff.


Channel Five: Center for import substitution. Video

On September 10, the grand opening of the Center for Import Substitution and Localization of St. Petersburg was held at the Lenexpo Exhibition Complex.


A charging station for corporate electric cars appeared in Lenenergo

In Lenenergo PJSC, a charging station of the St. Petersburg manufacturer AuditEnergo Group LLC (AEG LLC) is installed for pilot production.



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