We`ve made charging an electric car easy. With the help of a special software, the management and tracking of several charging stations becomes automated.

The software allows you to:

  • combine charging stations (CS) into a single network,
  • identify users, provide charging services,
  • control stations remotely
  • control the technical parameters of the CS and the devices in them
  • perform a settlement between all participants in the process,
  • carry out accounting and reporting to interested parties.

The software has Front Office and Back Office.

  • Front office is designed for users of the network of charging stations and is essentially a “personal account” where you can see the location of the stations on the map, familiarize yourself with the tariff, build a route, make a payment.
  • Back office is designed for owners of charging stations and allows you to remotely manage station settings, as well as regulate the charge, monitor and manage tariffs and payments, keep records of energy consumption, monitor failures and technical condition.

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